<body BGCOLOR=#000000 LINK=#FFFFFF VLINK=#FFFFFF ALINK=#000000 TEXT=#FFFFFF MARGINHEIGHT=2 LEFTMARGIN=2 RIGHTMARGIN=2 TOPMARGIN=2 MARGINWIDTH=2> <CENTER><BLOCKQUOTE><FONT SIZE="4" FACE="Arial"><b>Rate Sheets</b> offers daily discount rate sheet and rate cards from low interest lenders and wholesale mortgage lenders and brokers across the internet. This is framed site, please revisit with a frames capable browser to get the best deal on your home equity or mortgage loan. <P> Currently, our discount interest rate sheets and loan finding site is enhanced for use with these browsers:</FONT> <P> <A HREF="http://home.netscape.com"><IMG SRC="images/netscape.gif" ALT="RATE-SHEETS.com" BORDER=0></A> <P> <A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com"><IMG SRC="images/microsoft.gif" ALT="RATE-SHEETS.com" BORDER=0></A></BLOCKQUOTE></CENTER> <P> Rate sheets goal is to connect wholesale mortgage lenders, with brokers, providing interesting and helpful resources, sites for brokers and loan processors. Plus links to the web's lowest interest rate sites, and broker tools."> </BODY>